[PDF] Iguazu Falls The Uproaring Planet Woo-Seoc Hann - Pdf Download Free Book 5490

[PDF] Iguazu Falls The Uproaring Planet Woo-Seoc Hann - Pdf Download Free Book 5490

[PDF] Iguazu Falls: the uproaring planet

  • Iguazu Falls: the uproaring planet

  • Woo-Seoc Hann

  • 402

  • 154850582X

  • 9781548505820

  • 154850582X



   It is said that there are three giant water falls in the world, which are Niagara Falls in North America, Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, and Iguazu Falls in Latin America. Besides their tremendous sizes, I like Iguazu Falls the best in that it is located in the untouched and natural area - most thick and beautiful forest, Amazon Jungle. It is distributed between Brazil and Argentina, and 'numerous islands along the 2.7-kilometre-long (1.7 mi) edge divide the falls into many separate waterfalls and cataracts, varying between 60 to 82 metres (197 to 269 ft) high. The number of these smaller waterfalls fluctuates from 150 to 300, depending on the water level' (quoted from Wikipedia, 2017).  Its average annual flow is 1,746 m3/sec, and the half is fallen down at 'Devel's Throat', the main point of Iguazu. Two Iguazu national parks in Argentina and in Brazil are sharing numerous Iguazu Falls, and these were designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1984 and 1987, respectively.

 I have visited Iguazu Falls 6 times since 2001 when I did not take any cameras with me. At the second visit in 2003, I took Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F707 and I just took just few photos for Iguasu Falls. The majority of Iguasu Falls photos are taken from my third visit in 2007 with Nikon D200 till my 6th visit in 2013 with Nikon D800E. 

   When I composed the contents of this book, I placed all photos except for the view point description pages, on left pages with some information about the photos on their right pages respectively. I excluded everything except photos on the left pages not to disturb readers' photo appreciation, and I did not include any interpretation nor titles for photos for the sake of readers' subjective interpretations. All photos taken during the past 7 years are mixed up in their order in this book but it is quite interesting and fortunate that photo taking dates are indistinguishable because the scenery of Iguazu Falls has not changed at all for those 7 years. The only changes are in photo image resolutions (Nikon D200's 10.2megapixels in 2007 to Nikon D800E's 36.3megapixels in 2013). I hope that this scenery of Iguazu Falls would not change forever.

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