Why A Safety Razor?

Why A Safety Razor?

For 29 years - except for a brief fling with an terrible electric shaver - I used a multi-bladed cartridge razor thinking that was the best possible software for the job. Each few years I would purchase the new model with yet one more blade only to find it done the job exactly the identical - that's - to go away me with a horrible red rash and irritable skin that would have to be shaved again the following day and rarely allowed to heal.

By probability in the future I stumbled on a safety razor. I was instantly taken by it is old fashioned design and high high quality appearance. Then I heard that these things had been actually supposed to present you a greater shave than cartridge razors resembling your Gillettes and Wilkinson Swords, and that the blades cost considerably less. I immediately bought one to provide it a go however anticipated to be disappointed.

Getting used to using it was a bit of a studying curve. I might become accustomed to having no regard for the angle of the blade and pressing the razor to my face, after three passes with the safety razor my skin nonetheless felt slightly irritated and I had a number of tiny weeping cuts.

Nevertheless, I still felt so much less irritation compared to my old cartridge razor so decided to provide the safety razor a month's trial, keeping the triple bladed razor helpful till I would made my mind up or was in a rush. However, I've nonetheless but to use it.

After doing my research, studying the right blade angle and realising that the load of the razor applies the pressure fairly than my hand, the safety razor was providing wonderful shaves. I went from skipping a days shaving at any time when I might to let my skin heal to shaving day-after-day with no rash or irritation. I learnt how the hair on my face grows in all different directions and the best combinations of strokes to use to chop them. I learnt about appropriate preparation pre-shave which is something I'll go into in a future post. Best of all, shaving turned from a torturous day by day chore to be endured into a relaxing, meditative ritual.

So how can a design that was all but deserted forty years ago provide a superior expertise to the modern design that changed it? Why was the design of the safety razor changed in any respect? To reply the primary question we should look at how the cartridge razor works. In all of the adverts we're told that these products supply the closest shave attainable, however how do they try this?

The design is such that the bottom blade in the cartridge either cuts the hair or pulls it. If it cuts the hair it can additionally pull the hair slightly out of the skin and the second blade will lower it once more earlier than it absolutely retracts back into the skin. If it pulls the hair it will do the identical thing, pulling the follicle forward and letting the second (or third, or forth) blade minimize the hair higher up before the hair retreats. This provides a detailed shave, however may also leave the hair minimize beneath the extent of the skin. This is what should be blamed for my each day discomfort. I wonder what number of males with 'pseudofolliculitis barbae' or 'razor rash' continue to shave with these razors that irritate or cause their condition.

As for the query of why the safety razor design was abandoned, my view is that it was a clever advertising trick by a very large razor producer, perhaps the inventor of the 'loss leader' advertising and marketing strategy, however I'll depart it there.

With a safety razor, I found that I might get a shave that felt as shut, i.e I couldn't feel that hair was present or make that scratchy sound you get once you run your fingers over your 5 O'Clock shadow, however not so close that it caused me irritation.

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