Buying A Condominium - Resale Or Pre-Building?

Buying A Condominium - Resale Or Pre-Building?

Relating to purchasing a rental unit, many of my purchaser purchasers ask me which is the better choice, shopping for a resale or pre-construction unit. The distinction between the 2 being that one already physically exists and the other one does not. Deciding which path to take will depend on a couple of factors corresponding to timeline, motive and capital.

When purchasing a resale apartment unit there are no surprises; what you see is what you get. You understand precisely what you might be moving into as you'll be able to physically visit the unit, see what finishes have been used, know how the management is running the building, etc. Usually speaking, items equivalent to window coverings, light fixtures and built-ins are left behind by the sellers which are a bonus. One other positive aspect of shopping for resale is that a buyer is able to go to a number of items in numerous areas earlier than making a decision to see which one best suits their needs. The down side of resale is that you are not the primary owner of the unit and some prep work of the unit could also be required before move in.

However, when purchasing a pre-building apartment unit, you are essentially buying an thought and not a tangible item as the condominium doesn't physically exist yet. Instead of visiting the unit, you go to the sales heart the place you buy off of a floor plan the place it's essential to visualize the area you are purchasing. The great thing about shopping for pre-construction is that you're the first owner and everything is brand spanking new. By the point the builder has sold sufficient units to start out development and building has been accomplished, it isn't till years later that you are really able to move in. If you are seeking to move into a apartment unit immediately or within a short time period, then resale is the way to go however in case you are able to wait a number of years and have a versatile timeline then pre-building may just be what you are looking for.

The next thing to consider is motive. What is your reason for purchasing a rental unit? Is it to reside in or to flip? When buying a resale condo unit, you may doubtlessly move in immediately whereas should you buy pre-development you should be affected person and versatile as the unique occupancy date will most definitely fluctuate. If it is an funding that you simply want to get into then pre-development may just earn you that additional money you're looking for. When buying pre-development, you buy at at present's market value so depending available on the market scenario when you purchase versus if you sell determines whether you make a profit or loss.

Finally one of the most vital parts of shopping for a rental unit is the fee and for those who can afford the monetary obligation. In either situation, a down cost should be made. In resale, on average a 5% down payment is given as a deposit with the offer. Depending on what has been arranged with the bank, a further deposit is paid to the bank upon unit closing. This deposit quantity can differ from 5% down to one hundred% down, in which case a mortgage would not be required. When you buy a pre-development unit nonetheless this flexibility shouldn't be allowed. The builder has strict deadlines when deposits should be made. Often a deposit is made with the preliminary signing of the documents, another one upon closing after which a couple of others in between which normally totals about 25% down.

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